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Where do the puppies come from?

We work with licensed breeders to make sure you get the perfect fluffy addition to your household. We visit our breeders frequently to ensure the parents and puppies receive the best possible care.

Do you have hypoallergenic breeds?

Allergies can be a significant barrier to pet ownership. Luckily, we carry a variety of hypoallergenic breeds at PetCenter Argyle. Contact our staff today to go through your options!

I live in an apt does that mean that I have to have a small dog?

We want to make sure that our puppy parents are prepared to meet the needs of their new family member. There are plenty of medium to large breeds who do not have intensive exercise requirements. Our puppy specialists can assist you in finding the right fit for your environment and lifestyle!

Why do some of the puppies say “Coming Soon?”

Some of our puppies are still with their parents at the breeder. We give them (and you) an opportunity to match with their forever home a little early while they get the time they need with mom and dad. You are able to reserve these puppies today!

Can I visit the available puppies before I take them home?

At PetCenter Argyle, our expectations are that you will be satisfied with your new puppy. While we do require a deposit to visit our puppies, we will refund 100% of your deposit if you are not satisfied enough to take your baby home.

I have been scammed before. How do I know this is a legitimate business?

It is a sad truth that there are countless scam listings for puppies online. We offer photos and video calls with your puppy as well as refundable deposits so that you can feel confident in making a smart purchasing decision at PetCenter Argyle.

How can I pay for my puppy?

In addition to Credit and Debit Cards, we offer puppy payment plans through Paypal and other lenders so that you can take your puppy home ASAP!

No Puppy Mill Pledge #SayNoToPuppyMills

PetCenter does not tolerate or support unethical breeding practices. We believe that your puppy should receive proper exercise, socialization, and care from day one, and we partner with breeders who share our vision.

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