At PetCenter Argyle, we do everything possible to ensure your puppy is happy and healthy when they go home with you. After your purchase, you are covered through our Health Warranties should the need arise. While we cannot protect against everything life throws at you, our comprehensive warranty coverage is designed to give you and your pup peace of mind at every stage of their lifetime.

What we cover:

Bringing a puppy home is a significant responsibility and financial commitment for new puppy owners. We want to work with our puppy parents to ensure a high quality of life for the puppy.

  • First 5 days- You are entitled to a free exam with a designated veterinarian within 5 days of purchase.
  • First 14 days- Our 14 day warranty covers viral, bacterial, and skin-related illnesses. This is through direct coverage with our designated veterinarians or reimbursement with a licensed veterinarian of your choosing.
  • First 30 days- We include a free month of pet insurance through AKC Pet Insurance for our puppy parents and recommend keeping this coverage (or a similar one) throughout the lifetime of your puppy.
  • Discounted Spay or Neuter- Our designated veterinarians offer discounted spay or neuter services to your puppy!
  • 10 Year Congenital/Hereditary Warranty- If your puppy is diagnosed with a condition that causes them not to lead a normal life, our warranty reimburses you for any out of pocket expense billed through your insurance* up to the cost of the puppy.

*Excludes monthly premium; Deductible coverage up to $500

Your Obligation:

Requirements for our puppy parents include:

  • Regular Veterinary Exams- You must take your puppy to his(her) first exam with a licensed veterinarian within 5 days of taking him(her) home and seek proper care with a licensed veterinarian in the case of illness or illness prevention.
  • Vaccinations- You must adhere to and finish your puppy’s vaccination schedule as well as keep them up to date with their yearly vaccinations.
  • Diet and Exercise- You are expected to keep the puppy on the food sent home with them or a comparable quality diet. You are responsible for meeting the exercise requirements for the breed of your puppy.
  • Pet Insurance- You are expected to maintain pet insurance for your puppy beyond the 30 day trial included with your adoption from PetCenter Argyle.

Warranty Services

Please email our claims department if you have any questions about your warranty!

Emergency Number

After-Hour Hot Line
For any medical emergencies or feeding questions after business hours, please call or text the number below.

Puppy Training

Training is vital to a successful start with your new baby!

No Puppy Mill Pledge #SayNoToPuppyMills

PetCenter does not tolerate or support unethical breeding practices. We believe that your puppy should receive proper exercise, socialization, and care from day one, and we partner with breeders who share our vision.

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